Expert Panel

Why has it been established?

Individual member companies and the explosives industry in general are losing expertise in key areas of technology and operations. This loss of expertise is accompanied by an erosion of good explosives practices. The Panel of Experts is an attempt to support members who have insufficient in-house expertise to provide them the on-going specialised safety support required for acceptable stewardship of the industry.

How is it established and maintained

The success of this service depends on the quality of Experts on the Panel and the ability to match an Expert to a Member’s need. This can only be achieved if SAFEX Members nominate industry experts to the Expert Panel. This is done by completing the Expert Panel Nomination Form and submitting it to the Board of Governors for consideration.  Members of the Expert Panel require the unanimous apporval of the SAFEX Board of Governors.

The Secretariat maintains a register of Expert Panel members together with their areas of expertise. The integrity of the process and the quality of the Panel is overseen by the Board of Governors through a dedicated Convener.

How does it work?

In this section of the Expert Panel members will find access to a wealth of experience in explosives safety, process and regulation from research and design through production , testing, transport and use to final disposal.

There are two sections on this  website members can look at. The one is a matrix of the experts and their skills. So if a member needs an auditor the matrix will tell you which experts can provide an auditing service. Next  go to the other section where you will find  "Profile" sections for each of the experts who provide auditing and there you will find much more detail on their individual skills. Then the member  ensures you are satisfied with what is offered , you make direct arrangements with the expert(s) you have chosen. The expert(s) will advise you of their terms and conditions etc. SAFEX will not get involved in these discussions - they are solely between the member and the experts(s). 

The choice of Expert is up to the Member and SAFEX International does NOT assume responsibility for the detailed arrangements (financial and otherwise) between Members and the Expert of their choice. NOR does SAFEX accept any liability for the work/advice provided by an Expert.

 SAFEX International does not charge a fee for introducing possible Experts to the Client Member.

SAFEX Newsletter

The SAFEX Newsletter was initiated for all members and other interested parties:

  • To inform the SAFEX Community of what is happening in SAFEX.
  • To provide a forum for readers to learn from the published articles and opinions expressed.
  • To encourage networking among members of the SAFEX Community.
  • To ensure SHE practices stay current and is shared.

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Incident Notification

Members can now notify SAFEX of incidents online by completing the Notification of Incident form after accessing the restricted pages (Intranet) with their access codes.

If your Company is a SAFEX Member and you don't have your individual access codes, please request them using the Member Nomination Form. Please do NOT use anyone else's access codes