Good practices

The focus on Incident information is to find answers to questions about the "what" and "why" an event occurred and learn - the good and bad - from it. The answers enable us to determine the Basis of Safety (BoS) for a particular process. In other words: what must be done to prevent such an incident or minimise its  consequences.  An understanding of the BoS results in the establishment of Good practices that can be applied industry wide.

There are two ways in which SAFEX helps members identify such good practices:

  • Workgroups
  • Expert Panel


The Workgroups focus on specific areas where members have common health, safety or environmental (HS&E) concerns and need guidance on good practices. They provide members an opportunity to pool HS&E experiences and resources in that area. The Workgroup output is a defined deliverable such as a standard or guideline that will lead to good practices in their focus area. The deliverable should be user friendly and practical and promote ongoing safe operation in the area concerned.

Expert Panel

This is a panel of individuals who are or have been associated with the explosives industry and acquired expertise in specific explosives fields. This expertise  contributes to establishing and improving good practices where needed. The experts make their knowledge and experience available to SAFEX members on a commercial basis agreed between each member and the relevant expert. The Panel strives to cover areas where there is the potential for an incident that could result in injury, property damage or negative environmental impact.

SAFEX Newsletter

The SAFEX Newsletter was initiated for all members and other interested parties:

  • To inform the SAFEX Community of what is happening in SAFEX.
  • To provide a forum for readers to learn from the published articles and opinions expressed.
  • To encourage networking among members of the SAFEX Community.
  • To ensure SHE practices stay current and is shared.

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Incident Notification

Members can now notify SAFEX of incidents online by completing the Notification of Incident form after accessing the restricted pages (Intranet) with their access codes.

If your Company is a SAFEX Member and you don't have your individual access codes, please request them using the Member Nomination Form. Please do NOT use anyone else's access codes