Our Organisation

The official entities within the SAFEX organisation are:

General Assembly of Members

It is the ultimate decision-making body and takes the form of a General Meeting of all members at each triennial SAFEX Congress.

Board of Governors (The Board)

The SAFEX Board of Governors has a maximum of 12 members. Its main function is to determine the policy and direction of SAFEX International. It has the right to co-opt individuals from the Membership at any time. Governors are appointed based on individual merit by the General Assembly of Members for a period of 3 years culminating at the next Congress.  If a Governor is unable to attend a meeting, the Chairman may allow a fully-briefed alternate to represent him or her.

Members of the Board are:


John Rathbun (Austin International)


Dany Antille (SSE)

Andy Begg


Lance Tinney


Dan Reinke


Joao Roorda


Dr Noël Hsu


Dr Martin Held


Neil Franklin


Thierry Rousse


Dr Piet Halliday (Secretary General)



Every 3 years the Board appoints the SAFEX Chairman from among the Governors. This appointment is confirmed at the earliest Board Meeting after a General Assembly.


In order to minimise costs to Members, the Secretariat is kept as small as possible and comprises the Secretary General only. The Secretary General is appointed by the Board which is empowered to make the necessary arrangements for the conduct of the affairs of the Association. This is normally done for a 3-year term after each Congress. The Secretary General is the executive officer responsible for the day to day running of SAFEX’s affairs. He/She also arranges and attends all Board Meetings but has no voting rights. The Secretariat ensures that the policies decided by the Board of Governors and periodically endorsed by General Meetings are carried out. In particular, the Secretary General prepares an annual budget which is approved by the Board of Governors.


They are appointed by the General Assembly of Members on recommendation of the Board of Governors.

SAFEX Newsletter

The SAFEX Newsletter was initiated for all members and other interested parties:

  • To inform the SAFEX Community of what is happening in SAFEX.
  • To provide a forum for readers to learn from the published articles and opinions expressed.
  • To encourage networking among members of the SAFEX Community.
  • To ensure SHE practices stay current and is shared.

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Incident Notification

Members can now notify SAFEX of incidents online by completing the Notification of Incident form after accessing the restricted pages (Intranet) with their access codes.

If your Company is a SAFEX Member and you don't have your individual access codes, please request them using the Member Nomination Form. Please do NOT use anyone else's access codes