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Welcome to SAFEX International 

SAFEX International is a voluntary association of explosives manufacturers from all over the world.


It was established in 1954 and is based in Switzerland where it is registered as a non-profit organization. Only companies that manufacture explosives may belong to SAFEX. Our Associate Members are also required to be involved with the explosives industry and share our objectives

Our Purpose

SAFEX’s purpose is to eliminate the harmful effects of explosives on People, Property and the Planet (Environment) by encouraging Members to learn from each other’s experiences. These experiences are taken from all stages of the explosives life cycle including the design, development, manufacture, storage, distribution, use and disposal/recycling of explosives products.

Our Members' Commitment

Every member company has declared its willingness to share any experiences and in particular information about explosives incidents in order to promote SAFEX’s aim. Incident information is available to SAFEX Members only.

Our Offering

  • Committed Members worldwide willingly
  • Exchange incident information which enables us to
  • Identify good exploisves practices. Using these practices we develop and
  • Promote explosives competencies. To share this knowledge we
  • Network internally and externally

Member Access

Forgotten password ?

Employees of SAFEX member companies who are entitled to access the restricted pages (Intranet) may request access codes or cancel their nomination by submitting a Member Nomination Form. As an alternative, they can contact the SAFEX Secretariat.

New Members

Companies who manufacture civil or military explosives or technical grade ammonium nitrate (TGAN) may apply to become members of SAFEX International.


Full Members

The Full Members of SAFEX comprise 250 explosives manufacturing companies that are either subsidiaries of a Group of companies or independent Companies on their own.


Associate Members

These are organisations or individuals involved in the explosives industry whose commitment to SAFEX’s mission has been recognised by the Board of Governors



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